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G11 formally Gruppe 11 ( English: Group 11) was founded in the Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig in 2006. A loose collection of artists all of whom had Ateliers in Gebäude 11 or building 11, across the street from Eigen+Art the renown International Leipzig and Berlin Gallery. John Power was the only Sculptor or installation artist in the group and he had his workshop in another part of the Spinnerei complex. It was Lexander Prokogh who had the initial idea to form the group, and small exhibitions were organised in the foyer on the first floor of Building 11 during the many ´rundgangs´ or regular exhibitions that took place in the former Cotton spinning factory in Leipzig, once the biggest in Europe. The massive complex is well known today for the Leipzig School of Painting, its International Galleries and of course Artist,s such as Neo Rauch. After a period of time the numbers of Gruppe 11 participants dwindled down to just three Artists. John Power Sculptor - Installation Artist - Ireland. Lexander Prokogh Painter  - Russia and Hendrik Voerkel Painter - Germany.

In 2009 the three artists secured a space in the old Patzendorfer - Schultheiss Brewery in Friedrichshain Berlin, yes, once the biggest Brewery in Europe! and opened the Gallery, G11 Galerie Berlin there. The concept being, to extend their horizons and to exhibit their work not only in the Leipzig Baumwollspinnerei but also in the Capital city. The artists not only exhibited their own work in G11 but also the work of many other international painters and sculptors in their circa 200qm space. G11 also hosted monthly Salons where performance artists from many different countries would use the Gallery space as a stage, performing to a very interested and diverse public. Music Dance, Theatre, video projections, literary events and much more. These events and occasions were very successful, a playground for all the incredible international talent and diversity which is Berlin.



In 1946 the Americans started a radio broadcasting service in Berlin, making it the voice of the west. The Soviets in their zone made a former veneer Factory and its grounds in Köpernick available to the German Democratic Republic or GDR Government to build their own ´counter´ radio station. The architect Franz Ehrlich a former Dessau Bauhaus student who was taught by Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, Wassily Kandinsky and Lasio Moholy-Nagy, was commissioned in 1951 to create an architectural plan and concept for the new building. Finding the new Stalinist buildings in Berlin not to his taste he went his own way and constructed something that was modern functional austere and Bauhaus influenced.  From the beginning he engaged the Radio engineer Gerhard Probst and worked closely with him to create an acoustically perfect interior for music recording and broadcasting.

The interior of the Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau in Dresden was instrumental in the new design, making Funkhaus one of the most famous recording locations in the world for orchestras and musicians alike. Daniel Barenboim with the Berlin Philharmonic, Jerry Goldsmith, Sting, Roman Polanski among others have all praised the excellent recording conditions at Funkhaus Berlin.  

Franz Ehrlich was born in Leipzig on the 28th of December 1907 and died in 1984. He was born in Leipzig, and its ironic that I signed the contract for the new G11 space in Berlin on the date of his birth in 2011.


G11 at Funkhaus Berlin

 It is my wish to continue here at G11 what was started in the Old Brewery at Landsberger Allee 54 Friedrichshain, but this time on a much smaller scale. Exhibitions of painting sculpture and objets d,art will be organised on a regular basis, there will be a Salon Thursday evenings (when advertised) from 7pm to 10pm, where people can come and meet artists musicians and a whole host of interesting people in a friendly entertaining and relaxed atmosphere.

The management at Funkhaus have kindly made a 351qm space available to G11 where large group exhibitions can be held at different times throughout the year.

Lexander Prokogh will be opening his own independent G11 Art Project Space in the Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig in the spring. Remaining true to our original ideas and ethos we will be organising occasional International exhibitions and projects together, and continue to show the work of artists from all around the world.

John Power

G11 Funkhaus Berlin.

March 2012.




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